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Monday, 23 February 2015

Demotivational week

It's been a long week away from posting. Half-term, and nothing more needed to be said:)
However, I turned away from my usual, occasionally emerging ability to identify useful ways of spending time with my precious ones.
I finally become lazy, and I am not afraid to admit it, for once.
Therefore, the past week was a pure definition of staying-in, laying-in, watching cartoons, playing games, becoming almost friends (acquaintances, at least) with several members of staff at local McDonald's, going for a walk, or two (only when a balcony with bubbles was not enough, or when there was an urgent need for waffles as an extremely healthy tea option).
Surprisingly to me, that totally laid back approach totally worked in a sense of bonding, and limiting agony of being somewhere on time, despite a flock of ducks passing by down the river, becoming absolutely wonderful and worth looking at for ages.
This week, we were the starers. And we really enjoyed it.

And I think I underestimated the power of doing nothing up until now. And discovering that at the age of 37 was somehow refreshing. And yes, it might be devastating for my foreseeable future when becoming a habit. Do I care? Not as much as I used to. I know it won't, so why bother?

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