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Friday, 13 February 2015

You gave your best shot ...

... And that's important - we read in the Chinese myth about the Great Race which formed the calendar, from Rat to Pig. I guess today it is rarely the case to hear that, unless you're involved into your 6-year old school achievements, and want to encourage her, not frighten.

I finally understood why they called it a rat race. Over-ambitious, frightening, heart-weakening, pointless really, and missing the point of any joy in life. The Rat in the myth decided to push his up-till-then best friend, Cat, from the Ox's back to make sure he, not anyone else, is first. Why? To be the first in the 12-year cycle?

I guess we miss the point too often nowadays. Looks like it all started 'several moons ago'...

(Looks like I'm really bouncing back to youth at an accelerated rate. Not just because I got into the body shop new beauty routine. Rather due to child-centered literature I dig into these days...)

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