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Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Hopefully, someone else may relate to this: solving a sudoku when they feel there is nothing else their brain could process.
It happened to me several times over the last few years. I still do that now, from time to time. To get that feeling of accomplishment from little things.

Now, crosswords are another story. Specially when it's not in your mother tongue. All of the sudden, simple words challenge you and finding an answer is trickier you may think. And then, when you do find an answer, the feeling of accomplishment is much greater, even though things are still relatively little.

Finally, there is a wordwheel. Where you are supposed to find at least one nine-letter word composed out of nine letters available. Together with a bunch of shorter ones, no less then three though, and always containing the central letter. That, done in the language you were born with is simple enough. With a second, and subsequent, it is different. And the feeling of accomplishment is much much greater.

Today, I felt that. When I discovered, funnily enough, that the nine-letter word is 'departure'.
Sounds good to me...

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