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Friday, 1 April 2016

The Day - part 3 out of many :)

'So, are we making cookies?' I ask. 'No', she says at first, as she is in the 'no-phase' at the moment; I need to wait until she actually gets the message. 'Yes, let's do this', she says, after a while. Ok then. It's rolling time. And then her hands choose the cutters, and make one even surface separated, with eggs, chickens, and bunnies. It's exciting, more than I expected. Then he joins in, standing on tip-toes but not letting go, following his sister's moves as best as he can. As a result, rolling is repeated several times. Doesn't matter; what matters is, we're really having fun.

3 baking trays later, we're full. Yes, I admit being guilty as charged of eating barely cooled butter cookies. I am not the only one here to blame; that doesn't make the energy intake lower though. Booty challenge, here I come.

If you follow a 35-step procedure (sometimes more like a 40-one), and show extreme patience and consistence throughout the day ('No, I will not pick you up, you have to walk, sorry, yes, I know you will make it, it is not that far away, well done!'), the miracle happens. Mini-Man is asleep before the clock strikes 8. It's like our version of the Cinderella story, adjusted to any mum's evening of her dreams. Shh, don't wake the guy-to-be:)

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