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Friday, 1 April 2016

Complicating things

Why not visiting a playground which is far far away, and probably not half as nice as the one located 5 minutes away from home? Why? Because I like to complicate things.

2 changes later, and no buggy - stretching my definition of perfect motherhood to the extreme here - we're there. Queensway station.

The park is slowly getting people's attention; still, you can identify your kids even if they wish to
explore. The playground is cool, with lots of places to hide - not so good when you have strong control instincts. It is fenced, and the gate opens only when the operating guru clicks the button, unreachable for anyone with a height of 5ft and lower - genius!

With coffee in my hand I'm soothed. Just learned I could have 5 1/2 lattes a day if I wish to reach caffeine's limits. And half of energy daily intake I guess. Not going there. Love for food is bigger:)

It's a really nice place, the playground, and when we're there, I'm learning something new about us. SuperSpider girl is the one who initiates things, but gets bored quite quickly, and needs some enthusiastic remarks to keep her going. MiniMan happily follows her, but when he finds something interesting, it keeps him occupied for longer than anyone could expect. Like pouring dry sand through a fake mini mill wheel, and checking how it freely flows down. Her, in the meantime, she is on a slide 7 times (to match her age, clearly), and comes back to suggest leaving. But then, they discover a sort of obstacle course, and manage to complete it. So there is clapping, and dancing, and laughing.

I think when there comes a day I am no longer clapping to admire everyday achievements, that will mean I aged. Emotionally, as I hope I would already have been very old physically.

That is the reason why I complicate things then. To discover something new about them. And me.

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