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Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Day - part 4 out of 4 :)

We watch an episode of the Strawberry Shortcake, my SuperSpiderGirl and me. Where the girls get a glittery manicure which releases sounds and melodies whenever you move your hands. Beautiful at first, annoying and hard to bear later on.

I know, it sounds so shallow: watching a cartoon with your 7.5-year old, tucked in your arms like if it was 4 years ago. But the fact is, we both missed it and both needed it so much it is actually a shame I haven't noticed that earlier.
Also, choosing a more girly tale would be quite challenging... But it tells a story of disappointment, 'white lies' and how you suffer when you tell them while in fact you're much better off being honest... It explains friendship where you feel comfortable criticising something because you know they appreciate getting to know your true opinion.

So, we talk about it.
Out of talking comes the love. I kind of forgot that. Happy the Strawberry Shortcake acted as a gentle reminder:)

Dreams are very powerful. They can soothe you, or they can haunt you. They can give you weird feeling of uneasiness during the day, or they can make you sleep like a log. But if the day was the one to be appreciated, and you have someone to dream about, it's ok. That ok you hardly ever get. While, sadly, many people never get. Worth reminding. And being grateful for. And smile, even if just to self, when you wake up. 

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