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Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Have you ever done something silly, that was funny at the time but after you think about it... It's very very irresponsible? I did. More than once.

I remember being 10, or 11, and answering phone calls at home. Many of these would be the wrong number calls, probably because of the fact that our home number was quite distinctive, with lots of repeated digits. People make mistakes when dialing, especially when using landlines, not mobiles. Copying and pasting a number, or clicking on it and confirming the call option was not so popular X years ago:)...

After several: 'No, you've got the wrong number... No problem... Your welcome' phrases I used, I got bored.
And therefore I recall confirming, at least once, that we do indeed have 200 meters of magnet wire in stock, available for immediate purchase in packs of 40 meters. And yes, they can come and collect it straightaway, which is highly advisable as the item is very popular among our customers today.

I was also making up names. Well, sort of. When someone was calling, and rather than saying hello and introducing themselves, was simply asking whether Jen's there, I would be replying with something in the lines of: 'No, but we have Stephanie, Julie, and Elizabeth (the last one being actually true) here, so maybe you would like to talk to any of them instead?'. Alternatively, I was using line which technically was absolutely correct: 'No, she's not here, but whenever she is here, I will tell her you called'. Hardly anyone was leaving their name for reference then.

Which just proves the point: we assume a lot. Assumptions can limit our world so much sometimes.

And having fun should never ever disrespect others. However funny it might be.

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