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Sunday, 14 December 2014


Today, it occurred to me I stopped reading.
I don't mean flicking through Internet; that is something I do regularly, spend definitely too much time on, and no deep thoughts come out of it. Which is not a very bad thing if happening once in a while, but I get a feeling it turns my brain into some kind of a miserable tittle tattle, where all the valuable pieces of information get lost by a minute. 
I don't mean reading with my SuperSpidergirl; we tend to read quite often her little school books, or the library ones. That is a great experience which I sadly notice too rarely, rushing through, not cherishing the moment (when exactly there is another chance for me to bond with her over a book? When she is a teenager? Yeah, right...).
Looks like I have no right to me moments. I should get the other stuff right first, then focus on what I want. (But there's no one else but me to blame, if blame. Organisation is key.)
That is completely opposite to what all success driving manuals tell you.
Focus on you, get your satisfaction from life first, only then you can transport that inner happiness to others.
Well, today, for the first time I realised I haven't done what I used to love doing. Getting lost in written words. Coming back happier. So, now I'm going to read chaper 1 of the goldfinch. And see how it goes... :)))

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