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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Doing nothing

This is my ideal day off. Seating at the pool, occasionally sipping drinks / cocktails, jumping in and out of the water once every hour or so, laying comfortably in a chair (that should actually be a futon;), reading a not-baby-related book, getting warmed in the sun, feeling and looking awesome.
Ok, that's actually version no 1.
Version no 2 includes sweat, a backpack on my back with all the stuff needed for 2-week hols, high mountains full of sun, trekking and feeling muscles burnt, looking fit and awesome (with the sweaty part off the picture, actually).
Finally, there's version no 3: sitting in a comfy armchair, with hot tea&lemon (not scalding hot; the only person I knew could drink such hot stuff was my grandpa, and even he knew lemon doesn't like 100 C...), treating my mild headache in a fully relaxing way, warm socks, soft pillow and a blankie.
And that's what I'm about to do for the next 7 mins, i.e. until my SuperSpidergirl comes, asking for something. Since I believe in New Years Eve behavior = all year ahead behaviour, I won't say the usual no...;)))

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