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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

My Xmas preparations

Started over 3 weeks ago, which is totally unusual, and awesome (wonderful expressions, and so inappropriate in London;). I ordered most of our presents via the largest river by discharge of water in the world, again not a usual thing to do, avoiding - almost - last minute rush, panicking moves, and rash in result. Or something worse. Ouchhh!...

Then, we did a series of pre-winter solstice workshops, including cookies decorations, face paintings, headbands making, kissing balls creations in the absolutely mesmerising Painted Hall, and french fries at the most recognised take away / sit-in place worldwide.

Tonight, instead of last minute rash, panicking moves around the oven, fridge, and balcony (extra freezing space, usually used around winter solstice celebrations where I come from), Adam went for grocery shopping (and yes, there were piles of so-called human beings fighting over last pudding available (never got that fobia over a twisted version of 'budyƄ', which I love by the way...), I did all the presents packaging, and now?... Now, we are watching HIMYM with a bottle of beer (a second one, to be precised; mine is next to me, still half-ful, which is by all means a positive prospect;)), totally not bothered by a need of food, more presents, and money which definitely needs to be spent unreasonably, excessively, and - somehow in result- regretfully.
I love it:) even though when tomorrow comes, I will be stuck, at least for an hour, or two, at the kitchen table, baking, for the Christmas Eve we got invited to, looking forward to a deep, drunk (wishful thinking), pop-in dinner with our daughter's best school friend parents. And my so-called friends-to-be, the only ones I have around here. Therefore fully cherished. No, not only, they are truly all right. As far as I could tell so far;). 

Merry Xmas everyone!:)

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