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Monday, 22 December 2014

Few days ago... Organizational crisis alert

... I forgot my Me-phone when leaving home in the morning. Nothing unusual there; it happens to me sometimes, but that day was supposed to be perfectly organised, pre-planned, and on-time: my Supergirl had a Christmas show at 11am...

The thing with this phone is, it is also my watch. I don't wear a waist one, used to do that, but stopped good few years ago, tried to return to my old habbit of having one on my hand, but it didn't feel right. Having a phone was more than enough. Besides, there's plenty of clocks all around us, all the time, right? Wrong. Sometimes, when you most desire them, when you least expect it, they are all gone to some imaginary Watchland.

In result, we were 5 mins late. The Mini-Man decided to walk a good chunk of the route I planned in between dropping his big sis off to school, and coming back after 2 hours. All really nice, at the riverside, cool but not smoggy. Anyone who ever been near Thames few times knows exactly what I mean by smoggy... Anyone who ever been in Thames, please accept my condolences. 
Still, I forgot he likes to explore. Every. Little. Piece. Of. Fence. He comes across. Bouncing is fun, and trampoline is not necessarily required. I know that now.

Fortunately, they had last minute rehearsals and the whole thing started 10 mins later. A.k.a. we made it:))) and my husband was there as well, which made my Supergirl's smile brighter than ever.:) It was interesting. And only a bit chaotic. Which I could tell only last evening, when we watched the whole thing thanks to my husband who filmed it all, while I was cheering, clapping, and holding the Mini-man after he noticed the wall bar, and decided to master his already pretty good climbing skills. No fifth hand at hand to keep the camera and record. Plus, I forgot the Me-phone...

It all ended up well, despite my obviously lecithin-free approach to the day.

Since then, I check up twice, or even three times, whether I have that phone with me, or not, before I leave home. I guess, that is lesson learnt, not really the hard way though.

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