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Monday, 29 December 2014

1 Yr ago... and resolutions

Today is exactly 1 year since our mini-man started walking. And that, to be honest, is more significant to me then another year passing by, New Year's Eve hedonic celebration (which I have nothing against, seriously; just no longer available and able to loose yourself completely in enjoying the moment), and the fact I should be planning things. Again.

My no-longer-that-little girl started walking around Xmas as well; it was in mid-December after her 1st birthday. 

Walking. Everyone who has children seems to be cherishing that milestone more than necessary, to be honest. Then again, it is an obvious act of human being's first independent action, and as such should be valued, indeed...

I guess that makes New Year's resolutions, and action plans people are supposed to do around that time, quite important: a sequential activity of intending to act, and follow that intention with, well, a set of actions. Quite like the first time a person starts to walk, somehow planning that fact beforehand, a bit subconsciously, but still.

Now, both of them are running around, the mini-man trying to follow her big sis footsteps, squeaking and laughing, and this makes my day. I forget all the downs, and I am, in this very moment, happy. And that means more, much more, than a party till dawn:)

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