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Saturday, 13 December 2014

It's been a looooong time

since my last post. Well over 2 months, seriously:)!

Many things happen, and not so many.

We moved closer to where the world begins, and ends. No need to use the foot tunnel now to get to the Royal Observatory...;) still, my SuperSpiderGirl (her current official title) is attending the same school, so we know the tunnel pretty well by now.
Did you know it is 14m deep at its midpoint?:) who knew!... And, what a discovery...
Looking for a new place to live can be extremely stressful, and I fully experienced that. Out of that there is a slightly slimmer (tada! But not for long, let's face it, not for long... With the holidays coming it will all come back to me sooner than expected...) me, with over 2 weeks of a sore throat (or house warming party side effects, depending how you look at it), and few boxes still unpacked, waiting for that moment to be taken out and emptied. It might never come.

My SuperSpiderGirl is 6 now. Very proud of it. Understanding the whooole responsibility behind it. Being recognized at school as a funny, talented, honest and reliable. Which is beyond my expectations anyway, and a great joy to witness.

My Mini Man is an expert in climbing on chairs, tables, and any other type of furniture you may think of. Yes, that includes bookcases. And desks with PC. And floor lamps. Oh, and recently, he's a master in echo verification when we're in the tunnel. The voice goes far beyond where you may think. He's already recognized by the usual visitors to both lifts. We're becoming famous thanks to him:))))

My relationship is getting stronger, usual thing after few minor breakdowns (thank you, unreliable letting agents). Still, it's a battle with circumstances, good/bad humour, reverse weather conditions, my inner grumpiness, getting stronger when the days go shorter, and so on. But all I know is, when you stop fighting, you're ending up being lonely, miserable, and a waste to all. 

My mother in law was with us for over 2 weeks, and I clearly mistook hospitality with hostility. Which means I'm not the best of daughters in law on the planet right now. But time heals. I hope:)

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