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Friday, 25 September 2015

My favourite tv series

No, I still don't have a tv.
Everything is fine.

I just thought that it would be good for me to have that note somewhere here about my 3 best tv series.
3 I actually watched.

The first one is quite obvious: it's the game of thrones.
While I enjoyed the books a lot, it came to me that since watching the episodes I actually think of the books through what I saw on screen. And it's only sometimes different from what I saw with my mind's eyes. And I don't mind it at all.

The next 2 I was lucky enough to be given by a friend of mine (the one you don't happen to have many in your life, that will listen to you, and write you back even if you 'ignore' him for good few months and don't email, or contact, or anything - which has its explanation but still it's ignorance - tested and proved, (un)fortunately).
So these are Lie to Me, and Californication.

The first, if anyone haven't seen it before, is a great great idea wrapped around a psychological concept. Or the other way round, depending how you look at it. All served in a charming and funny way, with the main character being neither handsome, really, nor sleek. But one of those you wish you've met in real life. Easily enchanting.:)

And then, the last one. With main character again being well yes handsome this time, but definitely not sleek. Or sleek, but not groomed. Yet surrounded by a massive amount of beautiful women. Yet not irritating. Despite obvious thoughts around lack of strong female characters I really enjoyed it.

So, here they are. My top 3 :)

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