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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Story to tell

I was listening to a really eye-opening podcast last night.

(Figured out that if you cannot sleep, and your thoughts, however pleasing, make you a yawning wreck the next morning - you can spend that sleepless time with a valuable audio, and almost drift away - not very good from rehealing process point of view, and brain recharge, but at least gives your eyes some rest.)

It was all about PR.

And I can see now all of these 3 people reading this are getting a bit irritated (hopefully;), or bored (probably) to the point they leave.

So now it's just me:)

The summary of the podcast:

It's not about PR these days. You cannot get the right message through unless you really believe in what you say, unless you know why you want to say it, unless you get the 'now it's the time' attitude.

It's all about the story.

And as an entrepreneur, who is looking for publicity, you should be fully aware of what's different, and unique about your activities, or you.
Otherwise, you should just quit the whole self-employed / limited company endeavor you are trying to get successful with, and - according to the speaker - 'get a real job'.

My view on things:

I appreciate all the details the speaker kindly shared with us, the audience.
You cannot ignore her 20+ years experience in journalism, and the depth of her understanding of what the good story promoting your business really is, and really should be.

However, I find her attitude to a lack of confidence every - and I know it, so I can definitely stand for what I'm saying here:) - every entrepreneur sometimes faces, I find it wrong.

You are not always sure what is it that you do so well.
Sometimes is subconscious.
Sometimes it's all about simple things, and you are yet to discover its uniqueness.
Sometimes you get lost.

These are all completely understandable, and normal feelings.
And if, by any chance, you approach an expert in promoting in any of these moments, the last thing you need is this - oh, you don't know what is good about your business, then go away.



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