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Saturday, 26 September 2015

The meaning of life

This sounds very serious.
Too serious, even.

I recently read somewhere, probably on FB..., that quote:
'don't take your life too seriously; no one gets out of it alive'

And I know how cliche that sounds, but actually it finally reached me:
I will never ever get that hour back.
I won't be able to live that day twice.
I will not see the same people at the same time ever again.

Rather than moaning about it (which I could have MBA in by now, by the way), it's much better to live.
Not overthink what's going on. Not get frustrated by little things. Not see myself as others might probably see.

Look at self, and decide what I want, and get it.
As simple as that.
Cause only when I am happy with what is going on, and how I feel, only then others will get a glimpse of that happiness, too.

And that is my meaning of life. For now:)

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