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Monday, 7 September 2015

Prune or peach, my first reprint

This is a raw version of an article I wrote for trustedcosmetics.com 2 weeks ago. Hope all of my 2 readers will find it interesting;) Humans need to drink water to survive. Your body is approximately 60 percent water, your brain is 70 percent water, and your lungs are nearly 90 percent water. Each day, your body must replace 2.4 liters -- or about 2.5 quarts of water -- through ingested liquid and foods. Ok, we all know that, or need to try really really hard to be oblivious to that. Yet, there are still very many people, of different ages, who ignore that. What's more, some of them avoid drinking water, but happily invest in expensive beauty and skincare products, to make their skin look better. Let me tell you this: to let the surface glow you need to give it nutritional basis. Otherwise, you're skinned. More literal than you think. What if you tend to forget about drinking water? Set an alarm clock for every 2 hours , reminding yourself to drink a glass of water. If you're a breastfeeding mum, make sure you drink at least a glass of water right after each feed. Yes, that includes night ones, too. Still not convinced? ... Have you ever seen a prune? Would you like your skin to look like that? Or rather like that of a juicy peach? Both options available. Both within easy reach...

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