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Sunday, 27 September 2015

The sense of hearing

In the current world, so overloaded with images of equally unreal and ideal beauties, no longer human, more of an android sf movie, hearing is on demand.
Listening became a virtue rediscovered over and over again.
Quite ironic.

As not being from the strikingly beautiful club, clearly, I've always had good listening skills.
I liked to hear, and sit silent when other spoke.
Observing them, trying to see through.
Which is why Lie to Me is my top 3 favourite, which I mention recently by the way:)

Yet, when I write this, I realise how few of the key facts from my so called everyday life somehow slipped through.
How I haven't noticed minor things which, if noticed, would have saved me hell of a trouble now.

Silliness is not a state of mind. But it is not a phase in life, either.


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