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Sunday, 19 June 2016


We were reading a story about a dragon; it's an old tale describing smart little boy from Cracow who defeated a ruthless creature; a non-biblical version of David and Goliath, in a way.

We're at the scene where the little boy made a real-size puppy of a sheep, covered with sheep skin, filled with native sulfur and tar. While I was preparing an answer to a possible question on where did he get sulfur from, she asked what is tar. So I explained as best as I could it was used to make rooftops tight and more waterproof. She got that ('oh, so that's why men wore masks when working on top of the houses!').

And then I got to a part where the dragon noticed the fake sheep, swallowed it in one gulp, and felt extreme aching, followed by desperate need of water. And then she goes:
- Still, it's kind of a rude thing to do to a dragon.
- Yeah, but don't forget how many cows and sheep he ate without asking their permission first...
- Well yeah, she replies instantly, but the only reason he did that was that he was hungry. He didn't know they were theirs. How could he know that.

... 😎

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