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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Explaining the world to the old one

- I am still wondering how the first person got bored. If there was nobody around...
- Do you think you need another person to get bored? - I say.
- No! I never said that! If you were only listening...
- I'm listening, just trying to understand what you're saying.
- Well you're not going to understand if you keep looking at your phone...

(Fair enough...)

- So - I say - what's the story with this getting bored thing?
- Born! Not bored... - she corrects me with this 'seriously, mum' look on her face.
- Oh. Well that's different. Although you can't get bored unless you're born. 
- Yeah. But you can't get bored if you're inside your mum's tummy. Cause you have to swim all the time. But the question is how you swim if you don't know how to swim.
- So, apparently you just know it. It's like breathing. Nobody told you how to breathe but you can do it. - I try to explain.
- Come on! I'm breathing now and I don't even feel it. Can you feel it?
- That's an interesting question. - I say; it really is btw:) - You can feel your breathing if you want to. If you sit and think of your breath and how air floats in through your nose, and how it gets out through your nose again, or through your mouth...
- Well, yeah but if you don't think of it, you're still breathing.
- True - I admit; there's logic in what she says. - So it's the same with swimming in your mummy's tummy. Unfortunately you forget it short after you're born. 
- Well, that's because when you're born the water disappears. Right, mum? - said my 7-year old, in between spoons of couscous ('I don't really like it, I would rather eat pasta. It's pasta, too? No, it's not! Is it? Really? It doesn't look like it...')

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