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Friday, 17 June 2016

Running from myself no more

I really like that song.
The lyrics are uplifting and inspiring, to the point that they made me sign up to the run a mile event...

Few days before my longest race ever (I know! People run marathons and say nothing... But it's a huge thing for me; I'm living the moment:) I told my little miss smarty pants aka LMSP (my friend came up with this well-earned title for her, and it captures quite well the overall personality she kindly shares with the universe) she would see me running (hopefully), and possibly even completing the race.
When I mentioned it's in the city centre, it didn't mean much, but when I said it would be all around St. Paul's cathedral, she was all excitement.
I said I didn't prepare much (let's face it: a couple of runs around the park can hardly count for a solid workout...), but I would do my best... And then wanted to say something about the need to challenge yourself, and being really interested to see whether I could make it.
But I didn't say any of such things.
Since she, wishing me well, I know that, she said: 'I hope you won't be the last. Cause it's really embarrassing when you're last...'

 I guess some people don't buy the 'it's not about the winning' approach... Maybe it's for the best...

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