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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Clean it

Few months ago I heard of Clean Language for the first time. And before checking what Wikipedia has to offer on the subject, I thought it is a tool for linguistic freaks who wish to avoid any colloquialisms, keeping the language pure and unchanged. Think French trend to standardise modern language to extreme, but 200+ years later.

I couldn't be more far from the truth.

It is nothing like that! And if anyone wants to find out what Clean Language has to offer, and how it is present everywhere, in everyday lives, across the globe, regardless of gender, race, language spoken, norms and beliefs, the best way is to reach for this book. Written by Judy Rees: 'Your Clean Language Questions Answered'.

In a crispy clear, systematic, and simple way you learn that it is all about metaphor. Which we use all the time. All the time. Any idiomatic expression is a metaphor. Any story contains a metaphor. Any conversation, any set of questions and answers is nothing but a metaphor...

It is also all about questions. The right questions. Not intimidating, judgmental, or criticising. The opening ones, the unbiased and respectful ones, the ones that can get you to amazing places in one conversation.

I used to think negotiation skills are the ones you use all the time, in any interaction with another human being. And yes, when you have a chance to discuss important matters with a 3-year old, who recently acquired ability to build simple sentences, you feel like a title of the master negotiator is your key to staying sane. Which is probably true. Yet, asking right questions, listening to answers, and peeling the truth is a wonderful experience. Read the book, and see for yourself:)

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