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Friday, 27 November 2015


Yesterday I finished reading 'Blink', a truly amazing book. Non-fiction full of eye-opening and inspiring thoughts, facts, and figures. And not boring at all:)

I like reading. It makes me a better person as it calms me, makes me think, and step back. All helpful.

'Blink' was with me for over 3 weeks. Was it a pure coincidence, or a side effect of reading - but I have changed. Again. Became more focus-oriented (there are still things that can distract me, but I can identify them now more easily), better organised, and less biased.

'Blink' talks about the first impression. Micro gestures. Decisions made in an instant. Unlike many other publications, which used to tell me to analyze, to get more details, and to control that instinct we all have, this very book lets me acknowledge my thoughts, and act upon them. Just make sure they are there, and that sometimes they can influence my decision more than required.

What's fascinating is, I can actually change that trigger which makes me think and judge others, and their behaviour in a certain way.

What's even more fascinating is, too much information is a killer.
Something you would never find anywhere else.
Apart from sophisticated selling technique manuals, possibly.

But 'Blink' is about all aspects of life. My life.


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