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Friday, 6 November 2015

Live, Read, Like

My favorite philosopher, Aristotle, believed that experience is key; you are made of what you go through. Couldn't agree more.

Aristotle was an extraordinary guy. Created library in Lyceum (for that alone, I could just bow for him:_). Taught by Plato, went his own route, forming natural philosophy; something I seem to be more and more in awe of.

Taking that definition of liking someone, for example.
We like those who are like us, which is probably the reason why we are searching for similarities, even subconsciously, in those who we seem to like. To proof our point. To like them even more.
We like being liked. We are social at heart. While some of us appreciate loneliness more, it's not what makes us human - it's actually more of what helps us balance some extremely entertaining moments of our lives.
The likeness defines, more or less, our actions. Especially when the reality hits us, with anger, misunderstandings, arguments, and lack of support. We fish for those who like us. And choose them.

Choices are what make us. This is all that matters, really. And that goes beyond good, or bad. Whether we suffer, or feel extremely joyful; the emotions, feelings, and thoughts accompanying any decision making process shape us. Tweak our vulnerability. Clarify our mind. Help us focus better on what we should, and shouldn't do.

And, unlike tangible assets, these are not to be taken away from us.

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