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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Going down

I like French. There's something magical to the music and vibe this language has. Plus, it was the one my grandma knew. And the reason I tried to learn it as best as I could.

I like Paris. There's something magical to the atmosphere of this city. Plus, when I've been there (only twice, definitely not enough), the timing was right, I felt really good, not overwhelmed by any emotions (meaning: not in love with anyone, not devastated after any breakup, not feeling sad after someone's death), just enjoying the air. And smiling.

I don't like violence. Which sounds a bit two-faced, since I use violence. Not the extreme end, but I raise my voice when angry. Trying to stay composed all the time doesn't work.
Just making sure it doesn't aim at my children's wellbeing. That doesn't work either, not all the time. I sometimes raise my voice when I explain something to them. Patience has its limits. Sometimes the line is too thin.

Now, if you put together French, Paris, and violence today - it's sad. Freedom no longer. There is fear in place. And yes, anger, and irritation. And pain, and suffering.

I am probably one of the hundreds of millions of people now writing about this.
That doesn't really matter.

What's most important, none of these people, me included, cannot turn back time.
And ease the suffering. Or pain.


  1. Such an unbearably sad time for so many. From Paris to Beirut, the world changed this weekend. As it has so many times before.

  2. It's really sad what is happening around the world with terrorism. Today I wear my white poppy to show my remembrance for all victims of wars and terrorism. We should be striving for world peace, it's not going to be easy, but i sure hope we get it someday x

    1. I guess staying optimistic is one of very few ways of not becoming insane with whats happening. You're absolutely right.
      Thank you.