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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Expiry and pattern

Death is fearless. But all seem to be full of fear when confronted.

Death is something you face everyday. And you don't need to be a nurse, a fireman, or an assassin. Like me the other day, it could have ended differently. That car might have not stopped. It happens to so many human lives this very minute.
Luck? Or bad faith?

Why are we here? A question I should've asked myself 10 years ago, at least - I guess I'm younger (at heart) than I thought I am. But seriously, why are we here? What is the reason? If it was only to make the genes pass from one generation to another, half a million people worldwide would be enough.

I'm reading this interesting collection of daily habits now of those who somehow marked their existence, one way or another.
(Daily Rituals: How Great Minds Make Time, Find Inspiration, and Get to Work, by Mason Currey)  
Like Chopin, or Simone de Beauvoir, or Fellini, for example.

Apparently, there's no golden rule in terms of what to do exactly to secure yourself fame. Recognition. Accomplishment. Power, or money.

But there is one thing all the heroes from the book have in common.

There was some kind of habit of how they created. And the sooner they realised it, the more productive, and effective they were.

Maybe that is the reason for all to live? For me to live? Identify that habit to keep me going? And give energy to others through what I do?

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