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Friday, 20 November 2015

Honesty and rudeness

There's a thin line between being direct and unkind. Sometimes, we cross it. Not necessarily on purpose, but when we look into the other person's eyes, we know.
We crossed it.

The place I live in now is full of appreciation for a reserved behaviour. Polite to the extreme, restrained, people in general would rather die than say something which could be identified as rude.
Yet, they cross that line, too.

Another proof that stereotypes are being economical with the truth.

However, we are taught to stay true to ourselves. To stand for what we see, and believe in what we say as honest.

How to define that thin line? When it is barely there?
Is offending others the way of life?

Questions we try and find answers to all our lives.

I have that mirror test which usually works.
When I look at my reflection in the mirror in the evening, and I can look into my eyes, and smile, I know it was a good day. A day where I stayed true to myself, most of the time.

Sometimes, however, I avoid my own look. Afraid I would become one of basilisks from that European legend, able to kill with one single glance.
Then I know, that - most of the time - it was the day I didn't cross the line. But lied to me.

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