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Monday, 16 November 2015

Show them that you care

This was the message I heard during one of the podcasts about an interesting public relations story. Which, apparently, each entrepreneur should have - whether already successful, or aspiring, or both.

Well, I have none.

Let's face it, who would be fascinated with 'how it all started'. Unless it's Apple. Then they make a movie about it, and choose a character with least possible resemblance to the actual person who made the fruit no longer associated with a certain capital. Big times.

So I should fake it all. Pretend something happen, present a tarted up version, and show them that I care.
I don't give a ... No, that's not necessarily true, I do care about the environment I live in now, and about the world my kids will live in. But am I really that devoted to others? Recently, I've been selfish to the extreme. So nope.

I'd rather be genuine. And stop talking (too much:), and restart listening.

Worst case scenario, I will learn something from others.
Best case, I'm a future film star.

Looks like a win-win to me:)))

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