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Friday, 4 December 2015

50 iPhone Apps To Earn Cash - AND A GIVEAWAY !!!

Facing December. That time again, with lights, positive thoughts, and cozy evenings with a book, and hot chocolate.
In reality though, most people spend that time falling over themselves, with passion in their eyes, on a serious mission to snatch perfect presents for their closest ones. And their relatives. Not to mention true friends, acquaintances, and random individuals who expect to receive a small gift as well, since this is the way to do it these days.

January will be full of saving tips, clever leftovers management, and belt-tightening (ave, gyms!).

I am into focused action planning this year; no casual benefactions purchased under pressure, with others eagerly queuing behind.
Interested to see the actual results of such sneaky scenario of mine. Time will tell.

At least one present is sorted: the not so little pick-me-up for myself:) Very appropriate, in line with what I'm (al)most interested in (reading, obviously:), and potential saver in one.
This book:

It's Emma's debut in the role of a writer, but what a debut it is:)
Rather then immersing into romance, historical endeavor, or sci-fiction, she went the route she is already blogging about: saving.
Which not only instantly increases credibility of her words. It also suggests she really knows what she is writing about.
As I was able to read it, I can only say these first impressions are very true.

Her publication is a clear and fresh manual on how to increase your income with a relatively small effort involved. Time well spent.

Actually, when I think of it, this could also be a very appropriate not so little pick-me-up for few of my friends. Maybe even more than few...

Emma kindly agreed to contribute to this idea, and here it is: a giveaway to let 3 lucky readers get the book for themselves, and save them from January blues...:_)

All you are asked to do is follow these 3 simple steps, here:
  • Visit Emma's blog on FB - From Aldi to Harrods (liking is not required but highly appreciated:)
  • Visit my little FB page - Everyday is Friday to Me (as above:)
  • Comment below, answering the question:

And make sure you don't miss the deadline ;) - 22nd December 2015, 8PM UK time.
The winners will be picked the following day, and informed in comments - just in time for Christmas:)

Best of luck :) 
  (If you're not so lucky here, don't worry; you're probably fortunate elsewhere, and even then you can still purchase Emma's book here.)


  1. Sounds like you have the season super planned. Well done.

  2. Sounds like that books something I could get into. I wonder if there's an android equivalent

  3. It's always a good idea to learn something new and useful, so I'm looking forward to it ...
    My saving technique so far: to be in right place in right time when they start the SALE. So I still need to spend to save ;)