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Wednesday, 16 December 2015


When a person smiles, x numbers of face muscles move.
While there's no definite answer to how many out of 43 available ones actually do the work (more of that in a very interesting article here), smiling does involve work to do.

For me, it's quite spontaneous. I smile a lot. Some say everything can be explained by our childhood; I was then fortunate enough to be raised to smile:)

Immersing in the past and bringing up memories is a very nice way to spend a gloomy December evening. Tucked up under a cosy blanket, my favourite cup filled with warm tea in one hand (black tea which even has its own name: 'Perfect moments at a fireplace'), photo album in the other.

Yeah, that never really happens - no photos from the past available as of yet (more of that here)...

Besides, I'd rather look at the past however tend to think more about the future. The older I am the more of the latter comes to mind; quite the opposite to the natural tendency - it's when you're young you think what it's going to be like, and you want it to become 'now' as soon as possible:).

And when I think of the future, I think of what it will be like when I am no longer in my body.
What will my kids think of me when I am a not so random - hopefully:) - collection of thoughts, memories, and words I tend to use the most (like: 'and', and 'tricky' ;).
How to make me better for them, and for the others.

I wouldn't like to be remembered as a mean witch for example:) and I don't think anyone would like that. Even those who say they don't care about other people's opinion, they don't really mean that.
They just don't think about them not being here anymore.
Fair enough.

The question then is, what to leave behind, what would it be that I create that will let others remember me.

I figured that out.

I'd like others to think of me in a good way when I'm gone. And smile.

Is that enough? No thriving empire, no flourishing businesses left behind; 'just a smile?' :)

But for me, that would be more than enough. That would be something.
Not only from face muscles gymnastics point of view...

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