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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Neuro linguistics

Been to a really interesting course over the last weekend.

It's been a very nice weekend anyway, but the course itself made me a bit stronger, and even tiny bit more confident. Willing to work towards being a better person.

What's more, I can now admit I was wrong when I wrote this post.
(Ekhm, that doesn't happen very often; ok, it practically never happens, admitting someone else is right is easy as long as it's not a zero-sum game. Otherwise I am always right. Obviously.)

Not this time though.
Until last Sunday, and after I saw 'Still Alice', I thought that our behaviour identifies us as people.
(Still highly recommend that movie; makes a viewer think a lot about his own life, and yes, try to make it better, which is quite an amazing result in a wave of brainless cinematography attempts these days).

But we are not what we do. We are much more.

Getting that idea, and thinking it through really helps to look at the world more thoroughly, without spending too much time on deep analysis.

I know I make mistakes (ok, that's about it in this post about me and my fallibility - enough:_).
I know I sometimes do things, resulting from these mistakes, that make me look a lot worse than I really am.
And that is the point.
These things I do, they do not reveal the worst in me.
They just show I am yet another human being.

Who I am is much more then what I do.

Good to know that. And don't beat yourself up too much over the past. Just learn from it, and keep going.

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