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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

730 days of walking

That's not me; that's my MiniMan. He started 2 years ago. 2 years ago he made the first wobbly step.
(Wobbly is my favorite word recently; not only because it sounds quite funny:)

Nothing usual, surely. But I just stumbled upon a post I wrote one year ago.
This one.

And that made me think how we change, whether we change. Physically, emotionally, socially.
Clearly, it is easier with kids. They have their phases, their attitudes, and they don't have all the filters we hide behind, usually with relief, sometimes with pain.

I caught them both today, too, running around and laughing. Just like a year ago. Just like many times in between. :)

Yet, that doesn't give me enough patience and understanding, when the day ends, when they are both moody, more moody than usual since they are tired.
I still struggle with being that caring, gentle, uncomplaining mum who is there for them regardless.

Why it is easier to smile to a stranger who stumps on my feet in a train  - accidentally, I know, but it hurts regardless.

Bad mother.

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