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Saturday, 5 December 2015

I forgot

Watched this movie. Still Alice. About a rare version of Alzheimer's disease, passed genetically.
In short, not only you forget stuff; your children get that from you - it's 50/50. Talking about legacy...

A very sad story.

They say personality is something you hold within, it's your core self; habits and relationships can obviously change that, but not too much. The core remains still.
Well, that is not true.

What you do is who you are. How you feel is who you are. Who you hang out with is who you are.

And it's so easy to say these reassuring words: 'I am here for you', when nothing tragic really happens; when everything is the way both parties think should be.
The cruel beauty of that statement kicks in when things get out of control. Expectations towards another human being, your closest one, are no longer valid.
To get that, to let go, to understand it is no longer about keeping the important things in your life going - that is the main thing.
Especially when the important is not to keep the appointments, remember names, be somewhere on time, and pretend nothing is wrong.

The important is to love. And be loved. No matter what.
Anything beyond, is just an irrelevant add-on.
Just an add-on.

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