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Tuesday, 23 August 2016


- My life is ruined - she said, cupping her face in her hands. Then she looked at the ceiling, almost as if expecting it to nod in approval. I looked up, too.
It didn't.

- All my life - continued my LMSP - I have been waiting for the perfect day. And it never came... - she sighed deeply, completing her announcement, looking at her little brother. Apparently he was a suspect in the case.
But then I noticed her half smile. And then she winked at me.

- I'm finished! - said the little one.
Smiling and showing me his empty bowl.
- Can I have more, please? - he said.

You see, we were fast breaking. Sitting together at the table, and actually talking; something that didn't occur for, well, some time.
And if there were only words, no situational context, all that transcript from our morning feast would be some kind of a pre-crime scene: you might expect daggers in our eyes, anger, and unhappiness.

But there was love instead. Sort of:)

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