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Monday, 29 August 2016

Comparison makes the world a worse place

I like this book. 'As weekends go'

It touches on universal truths which is something I find really valuable and which definitely places this read among one of my favourite so far. Definitely makes the top 3 in the so called chic lit category.
(By the way, I feel like there is a lot of misconception about literature for women. Almost similar to the ones in the sci-fi movies. We need good and decent plot lines. We need interesting dialogues that bring the stories forward. Any action is something extra, an add-on that spices things up rather then works as a replacement for enchanting tales...)

There is a 21st century version of Babette, a 31-year old Rebecca and a famous athlete, 2 years her junior. Unlike in Balzac's story though, she is married. There is her 'in a relationship' friend. Her ruthless husband with overly ambitious female 'friend'. And a loving and caring family. 
So there are questions around fidelity, loyalty, care and love. How much we need all of that. And how much we fiddle around that. And what price we pay when we do. And finally, what price we pay when we don't...

Thinking about the title I think it doesn't reflect the story at its best. Wold rather go for something in the lines of 'It's (not) all about the score'. 

I just wish the ending wasn't so 'rushed-through'.

At the same time, I wish there was more in the to be continued department. Looking forward to a sequel / 'threequel', and so on:)))

I was given the opportunity to read the ARC of this book, courtesy of NetGalley.

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