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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Single = lonely?

It has been on my mind for some time now. An interesting theory that language, being a mean of communication, aiming at revealing someone's intention, belief, or opinion, can actually influence these intentions, beliefs, and opinions more that we think.

Take single parent for example. While the definition is pretty universal (OK, there might be nothing pretty about it, in general), the actual wording differs significantly from one language to another. 
In English, it simply means someone who is taking care of their children on their own.
And is back from a 'in relationship' status to the one from beforehand. One step back for some, huge step forward for most.

In Polish, however, this is totally different. The notion could be translated into English as 'lonely parent'. 'Lonely mother' or 'lonely father'. Incredible how much negative reference is there.

How come? Because of social life patterns? Because of mainstream acceptance? Because of zero, or little tolerance to life choices people make?

I don't know. But it makes me kind of sad.

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