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Monday, 15 August 2016

Control, command, and rule... in leopard heels

Insightful, clarifying, and informative. One could say that about that book. But I can refer these words to the main character as well: Theresa May.

While her portrait here remains professional, some details about her private life were cleverly sneaked into. Which makes this non-fiction a true page-turner.

Like her personal situation. Like her passion for outstanding quality footwear. Like her health issues.

Highly recommended to anybody living in the UK, or interested in recent history.

I just wish the book ended in a less cut-through, no-summary way. 

Then again, this is a life story of a woman who recently became UK's Prime Minister. Life story. With events being written in history right now. So it's life that is part of this book. And that's what makes it even more interesting to read.

(I read ARC of this book)

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