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Friday, 19 August 2016


Running long distances was never my 'thing'. I was getting tired very quickly (still am, actually, but that's not the point:), heart was pumping at a pace beyond belief, any other activity sounded so much funnier... I thought that's the way things were, and gave up. Read a lot of articles praising walking, to proof my point.
Until one day, at the 37 years of age, I had to chase my toddler. Who casually jogged away to the other side of the park. And I almost failed.
That was my wake up point.

And so now, I am taking part in the MyMarathon Initiative from the British Heart Foundation. Which is a laid-back (serious!:) approach to 26.2 miles as all you need to do is make sure you make it over the month of September. 4 hours (I wish!), 4 days, or 4 weeks.

If anyone out there reading wishes to contribute, a huge thank you already:)
And a link to my fundraising page.


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