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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Keeping Up Appearances 21 years later

- She can't help the way she looks. It's not her fault - she says when we are watching the replay of gymnasts twisting, tumbling, doing anything I could do if there was no gravity. And no chocolate.
- Yes, but I what I meant to say was ... - I try to explain
- Let me finish first - she raises her hand and continues - it's life's fault. You should blame life for the way you look.

And I wanted to say that what I meant was one of the gymnasts had daggers in her eyes and that unpleasant look on her face. Like if she hated all. Or ate something which made her tummy hurt.
And I wanted to say that I agree it is not about the looks.
I wanted to say I meant the way you are as a human (or sometimes as not human at all), that behaviour finds its way to end up on your face.

But then I stopped.

And thought once again about what she told me.

And said nothing.

Because that little philosopher of mine was completely right. If there is anyone to blame for the way you look, it is indeed your life.


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