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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Continual learning

I recall, when being at school, a then new theory emerging that people shall change their attitude towards knowledge, and gone would be the days they finish their education with a degree. Few years later (OK, actually it is more than few. But let's not focus on irrelevant details here:) we are constantly being bombarded with another, and yet another portion of information. While part of that is some media gibberish, some of it are courses, trainings, webinars, and lectures. Usually online, always at hand.
I seem to cope with that enormous amount badly. There are at least 5 courses I started a good while ago, with a genuine will to have them completed, and never did that.
Obviously, I have my reasons things turned out that way. Moreover, in some cases I still honestly believe I will indeed finish them. ...;)
Consistency. A notion to keep up with. My everyday goal, usually not met.

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