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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Equal rights

There seem to be a lot of discussion around women, and their equal rights nowadays. I don't necessarily support the fuss. I feel it's great we can work, do what and when we can, and that it is up to us to set boundaries and limits to freedom of speech, professional development, and leisure.
Is it so however?
I guess I am a bit of a hypocrite here; raising my kids and focusing core activities around them makes me a typical example of a non-suffragist. Moreover, I like to benefit from womanhood and motherhood on a daily basis; when guys, and I mean it in a both-gender way, stop to let me pass through doors with a buggy. Or, when they turn around passing me by. Ok, the last one is no longer the case. I was meant to say: when they turnED;)))  anyway, I don't care. Really.;)

On topic: I do not feel at ease with the idea of women everywhere, in every possible job. The idea of a girl on a tractor (old and biased image from communist era; no, I do not live that long: I saw it online once, as a reminescence of not so good old days) doesn't apply to me.
I guess when you are a human being (for me, box is ticked), at ease with oneself (hmm, usually the case, apart from the not-so-often appearing drama of 'I have nothing to wear', or the 6-year old in me, saying 'I'm so ronely, and nobody likes me'), you don't need equal rights to make you feel contented. You have that in you.

And it keeps you going in whichever direction you choose, whatever the weather.

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