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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Is little not enough?

Last morning, I saw a mum with a little boy, dressed for school, as they passed the street right in front of us. He had his school bag with him, she held nothing but an iPhone in her hand.
(iPhones should actually be called MEphones; there's soooo much show and at least +15 to appearance for people hanging around with their precious ones, and I don't mean their kids obviously, just so to make sure everyone around notices what they have in their hands. And just in case if anyone wonders this is me talking out of hate, jealousy and mean-spiritedness, you are wrong;) I actually have one myself, the MEphone I mean, got as a present from my husband, which is great at so many levels;)
She had no backpack, no handbag, no clutch, literally nothing but the MEphone.
Me, on the contrary, I had a bag with some snacks (always handy: this is to make sure we don't pop into a shop for some candies). Then, there was Zosia's backpack (it was really hot this morning; otherwise she would carry it herself). A bag with little one's essentials (nappies, baby wipes, one portion of milk carton, few small toys, spare body, and a spare bag: I seem to be obsessed with these; always have at least two with me). A bag with swim wear, and a towel (that is not part of our daily routine: there was a water day at school to celebrate the forthcoming summer break). All hooked to a buggy. In short, we looked like a gang of homeless travellers, with our feet being the only mean of transport available. Heart-catching and off-putting.
The key question is: how did the other mum make it? With all the stuff NOT accompanying her? The simplest answer: she only had one little kid to keep an eye on. Still, most of the things we had related to Zosia anyway. So it's not the case here.
Let's face it: she was better organised, with a plan of the day ahead minutiously done, all necessary details checked before she left home. And they were not even in a hurry, again opposite to us...
Looks like I envy her. And I don't even know her.

Then again, what if she saw us, and thought: 'Wow, they are perfectly packed, and prepared for soo many options a day may bring.';) that would be actually quite funny.

I actually find it quite soothing to step into somebody else's shoes. Even when I am wrong, at least it makes me feel better:)))

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