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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

In demand

When the only thing you find in your letter box is a finesse lacking by-election leaflet, you can wonder whether there is anybody out there still interested whether you are alive. Well, the politicians fighting for a suddenly emerged vacancy may desire your voting. But do they really care who you are? An online beauty retailer may know a bit more about your favourite, hm hm hmm, anti-ageing serum, which you cannot stop using, naively and desperately. But do they know what kind of person you actually are?

We are nothing but customers to everyone around us. It is so rare to find a person you truly, deeply and sincerely trust, with no shadow of a doubt upon their good intensions towards you (misdoings can happen;)

Today I am full of melancholic sorrow. Which did not prevent me from expressing my everyday tendency to rule the world. Starting from the closest ones to me. Who, clearly, are potentially the ones with true, deep and sincere trust in me, and even when they find me a little freaky sometimes, they mean it in a good way. Lack of appreciation from my end stretches the boundaries of love, endurance and understanding. Why am I testing the water? Instead of being content and sweet, not bitter?

I saw a movie recently about a teenager with divorced parents, younger brother, and leukaemia. Putting aside the fact it really moved me, it revealed the old truth to me: we only appreciate what we have when it's no longer there. I guess the hardest part is to see that with your own eyes, when there is still time to enjoy all the good stuff happening to us, and working on having it more, i.e. cherish every happy moment and try not to spoil it with grumbling & whining about trivial details.

Action plan: be nice
(There. I could have done with it in 4 words;)

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