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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Set them free

It's really a difficult thing for me: refrain myself from the usual: 'watch out / don't touch / leave that' moaning I seem to have been practising to perfection for the last couple of years.
OK, that was too harsh maybe, and a bit off the limits, but anyone reading this gets the idea, right?
The need to control is obviously unfulfilled in me, therefore I subconsciously chose the easiest option, directing that desire to be in charge towards the little ones.
It took me a good while to realise that. It takes a lot of effort to snap myself in the middle of a situation, and simply let go.
It spans from allowing my older one to sit wherever she chooses when we take a trip on the Underground (provided we can see each other at all times;), to seeing my little one running away in a park, as happy as human being can possibly be (followed by me catching breath while chasing him with a buggy before he reaches the grass edge; great muscles challenge for both).
Setting the limits is quite comforting, too. You know where you are, what is expected from you, no need to wonder how to react; all you need is any of these, you guessed it, 'watch out / don't touch / leave that' phrases.
Challenges. Sometimes it's all about releasing. Much harder than actually setting up.

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