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Friday, 11 July 2014

Sudden break

Yesterday my older one had a day off. We decided to take this opportunity, and finally (it took us a good while!) travel by London Underground. With the little one, obviously.
It was real fun! Despite the weather, i.e. a typical British summer, with showers, winds, and mud;)
We managed to see the Buckingham Palace, and made it for the last 10 minutes of the daily changing of the guard. The older one found their fluffy hats particularly appealing. The little one was more interested in the shape of leaves above us, along the Green Park, where we came from. He likes watching wind, which is not unusual for children; they do prefer things moving to the ones standing/ lying still, in general. And apparently green wins with furry black, red and golden jackets, and trumpets.
We also went to Mayfair, where in 'the Summer in the Square' we listened to a chello player, wonderful Rachael Lander, for 15 consecutive minutes, which stands for the longest ever Zosia's record of non-disturbed active listening;) My adventureous little ones both liked it, with the little one clapping joyfully, and saying 'nana', which surely meant he approved of it.
We played Noughts and Crosses, with huge wooden Xs and Os. There was more to do, and we are definitely coming back. Unless there are more showers;)))

But I guess the best part was to&fro. Travelling by metro, and laughing when the train was going so quickly we had to hold rails with both hands. Stopping by to see a funny, colorful, lollipops-like tree sculpture, which was named the older's one favourite spot of the day; no surprise there. Counting whatever possible along the way (circular windows are our all time favourites). Having fun.

That's what it's all about.

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