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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Ticking clock

Time is flying. I can now barely remember how teeny tiny my 5-year old was when she was born.
I only recall being on her first photo session, when she was 3-weeks old, and I just wanted to capture this moment from the first weeks of her life. There was a lady there, waiting for her shoot with 2 boys in the early school years. She said to me then: 'you quickly forget how small a baby is when she is born'. That struck me a bit, and I didn't realise how true were her words, untill, well, recently.

Time is flying. My little one is attempting running for some time now, and the image of him lying still in his cot is like a blurred picture to me;)

There's this undoubtfully sound statement coined by mums: our kids grow, we are not ageing.
On a serious note though, it is true. When there are young people around, we seem to enjoy life more. Even if the enjoyment part is of a more general nature as everyday tasks pile up and make life look like a line-up of cleaning, cooking (now that's the part I seem to limit, to the benefit of play with my young adventurers), and organising on a tactical level.

If only you are at ease with yourself, and with the fact that you are either a working mum, or a stay-at-home mum (which, in both cases mean you do work anyway), and you are not looking for justification of your state ('I am thrilled with the idea of not working/working professionally', and so on), then life is good. And with the young ones, jumping on your bed at 7am, requesting you not to sleep and getting you involved in a birthday party play with a dolly, ponies, and a train, you are ok with that. And you get into that train, and play. And you feel good (and yes, sleepy;) ...

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