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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Game Over

That was the saying on a T-shirt my husband bought short before our wedding. I found it funny back then. But now I think these words have some meaning.
We can easily forget we are unique, and together we create something unusual, too. I mean, apart from the kids, but that is quite rough. And rich, coming from me, as I never really knew I would have children on my own. I had minor health issues ages ago, including unnatural tendency to getting thinner and thinner, which I successfully overcame (too successfully maybe:). But that is something many girls go through, from slightly exaggerated physical self-awareness, to dreadful and fatal breakdowns. There is not enough education on the subject.

I meant to tackle (an autocorrect function just suggested 'tickle' ...;) ups of a relationship.
It is great to have a loving person next to you, who wants to listen to what you have to say, understands you may have difficult days sometimes, when you should just let your lips stay sealed, instead of bursting with mean words, with actually no particular reason, apart from desperate and subconscious calling for attention. A typical child-like approach.
It is comforting to have a tender person next to you, who appreciates cuddles and hugs, just like children do.
It gives you courage and strength to carry on with tactical things, without missing your strategic point. That is, if you have one. If you don't, it is great that this person lets you have your moment, or two, to think over what are you aiming for in life.

It is not necessarily the end of the world, when you get married. It is just a different phase in your life, where compromise and that famous tripple of love&peace&understanding get you.

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