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Tuesday, 1 July 2014


This morning I became one of them: frustrated mothers who are hungry for a conversation, happy to engage in one with a complete stranger.
I have never thought it would be me; I am talkative, yes, but quite reserved, and usually too embarrassed to go beyond yes, thank you, please, etc.
(Who am I kidding? Yesterday I was talking to a dishwasher, which has this annoying buzz at the end of a cycle, lasting literally over 30 secs, and if there is anyone out there who ever had to listen to a fire alarm for over half a minute, they know what I mean. Like it couldn't have been any of the Police songs instead. I wouldn't mind it then at all.)
A talk started with a lady queuing in front of me. Technically, she initiated a discussion, looking at my little one, who was just showing off (with a completely innocent look on his face) his 6 minutes of calmness a day. She turned out to be a mum herself, with a 30 months old boy. Now, when a mum tells you her child is 20+ months old, you might easily guess it's her first one (I am far from being judgmental here; just a pure observation I thought I would share). While waiting for our coffees (we were obviously standing in line for a coffee;), we exchanged ideas and semi-parental suggestions about children's behaviour, potty training, potential ADHD, and even - yikes! - lice...
And then, all of a sudden, we both couldn't stop talking. Then my Mini Man decided he's done with his presentation on how an ideal child should look like, and started to bring my attention by loudly requesting food. Not too loud actually, loud enough though to make us set apart.
I still think about that lady, who may sometimes feel as lonely in the unquestionably wonderful motherhood state, as only a woman can feel.
There is quite a number of community centres where you can come with your children and talk to the others. Sometimes though, it would be nice to be able to talk about something else then children, like latest haircut trends, or who is going to succeed in the World Cup this year (I personally believe Germany is in it to win it; Brasil will obviously not let go easily), or how to learn Mandarin in 6 weeks (not that I want to, just needed 3 unalike examples;).
Then again, the lady and I, while talking, we still discussed children ...

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