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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A cat, a swan, and a lady-to-be

Yesterday in the early afternoon I was yet again proving that my time management is just one big space for improvement. In short, I was running late (Which is what I should have said rath than elaborating semi funny description of my weakness... just like this sentence;).

I was passing the canal, and saw 2 swans fighting / planning future together / checking what impression they make on their fellow teammates.
There was little reaction, actually, apart from the little brown cat. He was sitting like a beautiful statue, looking at the birds with no interest. In fact, his regard was more in the lines of: 'Whoever of these 2 looses, I'm the winner tonight'.
(Yes, I was late. But not oblivious:)))

I wish I had half of his self-confidence. It would make planning things so much easier...

Really, there's no need to dig endlessly into hundreds of profound tips given by experienced business professionals. All you need to do is look around. Fierce competition, organised approach to planning, vision in place to take you to next level - this is all in the nature already...

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