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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Easy peasy

Says my SuperSpiderGirl when I explain something to her she already knows.
Yet, when I ask her to do something, the enthusiasm and the speed of reply somehow dissapear...

It's funny and lovely to see how kids develop. And only when watching some random video shot 2 years ago I fully realize how they grow, physically and emotionally. And it makes me happy and scared at the same time. As long as I am not jealous, it's all right, isn't it?...

(Who am I kidding, I am jealous, fortunately not all the time, that would be a complete nightmare. Sometimes I see how they get on with something without me, and I feel that unease, that unreasonable sensation of lost property. And sometimes it takes a while to remember what my aunt used to tell me - a truly wise woman - that you never own your children; you raise them and let them go.)

As we grow, we loose that effortless ability to judge things quickly. It is easy, or it is not. It is black, or it is white. As a 6-year old, we have no problem in making decisions (ok, that's a bit too far, at least when it comes to deciding on breakfast meal in our house:). As a 37-year old, we use 'buts' and 'laters' all the time.

It just came to me: we overthink. Kids don't do that. They go with their gut, with whatever they learnt, with their first instinct. And - in most cases - they don't look back.

Time to follow their footsteps. Find, reveal and let go of that inner child of mine. And make that little me decide from time to time. Easy peasy! :)

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